My head hurts and my heart aches

i’m listening to songs like “sexy back” and “crank that soulja boy”, no i am not fucking OKAY

There is literally nothing more sexier than hip lines/sex lines on a guy. So so attractive, makes me weak to my knees.

Since I have mid-terms this week and I should be studying, I want to

  • write
  • take pictures
  • go on an adventure
  • stare at blank walls
  • really anything 
  • but stuDY

i know you all missed this song, don’t lie

Things I find attractive in the opposite sex:
  • Strong jawline
  • Adams apple
  • Nice back (Weird, but also the hottest thing ever.)
  • A sense of humor
  • Strong forearms

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meet the blogger:
  • Name: Natasha
  • Height: 5”5’
  • Eye Color: green/brown
  • Birthday: september 5th
  • Favourite color: red, olive green
  • Best school subject(s): art & psychology
  • Mac or PC: pc
  • Current shirt color: black
  • Day or Night: night
  • Celebrity crush: chris pine, ryan gosling
  • Coffee or Tea: neither
  • Favorite Food: pizza lol

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Just some thoughts
  • i’ve been going to the gym everyday
  • i have an interview tomorrow
  • it’s for the post of our school magazines, graphic designer
  • i’m tired
  • my mom
  • is
  • so 
  • annoying

Collar bones are the hottest thing ever. Male or female.

I’ve become much more comfortable with just being alone, all by myself. I remember how I would get so anxious when I was left alone. It’s like I just needed someone with me or my mind would just wander and i’d think about unpleasant things (such as the past.) But now I’m pushing people away and I’m perfectly fine being alone. Just haven’t been in the mood to see people.

It’s probably just a phase but I like this phase and I hope it lasts a little longer.

did not realize how much of a workout zumba was. i feel like a dying whale lmao

I get so tired and sweaty and gross after I ride my bike. Ugh, I go out thinking it’s going to be another free therapy session but it turns into a competitive workout where I try to beat the cars that are driving by.

What is my life

Installation art is my favorite kind of art. I wish I had someone who would take me to a gallery and would spend the entire day there with me :’)

I could listen to Ed Sheeran all day long, all night long