it’s a devastating life when you have no talents (literally none whatsoever)

Every time I go out I realize how much I love being home. Alone. All by myself. Without people. Away from civilization.


Feeling like a worthless piece of shit. What a beautiful wonderful spectacular day. Where the fuck is a gun when you need one?

i don’t even have a doughnut to eat on national doughnut day

can someone please give me tips on how to

  • stay awake for long periods of time
  • be smart
  • concentrate
  • be smart
  • study
  • be smart be smart be smart

Back from Turkey. Greatest 10 days of my life.

Forcing myself to be happy and grateful shows that I haven’t made any progress at all. 

My head hurts and my heart aches

i’m listening to songs like “sexy back” and “crank that soulja boy”, no i am not fucking OKAY

There is literally nothing more sexier than hip lines/sex lines on a guy. So so attractive, makes me weak to my knees.

Since I have mid-terms this week and I should be studying, I want to

  • write
  • take pictures
  • go on an adventure
  • stare at blank walls
  • really anything 
  • but stuDY

i know you all missed this song, don’t lie

Things I find attractive in the opposite sex:
  • Strong jawline
  • Adams apple
  • Nice back (Weird, but also the hottest thing ever.)
  • A sense of humor
  • Strong forearms
meet the blogger:
  • Name: Natasha
  • Height: 5”5’
  • Eye Color: green/brown
  • Birthday: september 5th
  • Favourite color: red, olive green
  • Best school subject(s): art & psychology
  • Mac or PC: pc
  • Current shirt color: black
  • Day or Night: night
  • Celebrity crush: chris pine, ryan gosling
  • Coffee or Tea: neither
  • Favorite Food: pizza lol

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